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This is pretty much the way I feel. On occasion, I think I’ve read or heard it all and then something comes along when that is not true. I read this in the New York Times book review, a book, Leisureville. The author goes inside one of these retirement homes called The Villages, supposely, the largest in the world: something like a 20,000 acre subdivision, gated, of course and get this. No kids. These people who have bought into this leisure life appear to be fairly selfish. And, the emphasis on sex and viagra is pretty funny. First of all, it appears that we have some “second” childhoods here if the NY Times book review is to be believed. And, not a little of understanding how viagra works. It makes it appear that some older geezer merely pops the infamous blue pill and is “good to go.” Not quite the way it works.

I am glad that I went into Amazon and read the reviews: it seems that several approach the book from a standpoint which is less negative than the author. As a disclaimer. I once did live in a retirement community, briefly. I found it stifling, many of the people seem to fit the idea of  idea of self absorbsion, meaning that they had earned the right to be or do in the latter years what they wanted. Maybe so. In the reviews, several who lived there surely didn’t share the same opinion. As an outsider, it is hard to know what goes on inside with everyone who lives in a place like the Villages. While I was reading the review, I suddenly thought of another book I’d read about: older European women goint to a Carribean Island to play with young men. Now, if true, who would have ever thought of this. Oh well…Leisureville.

HILLARY.  Well, she has conceded, not that she had any choices. Well done, Hillary. She could have easily made the Richard Nixon speech: the press is not going to have me to kick around any more. But, she didn’t, classy. I will be more than interested to read for months, the talking heads and others who want to spend time analyzing. She was surely maligned by the media and for that I feel that they (obviously, they are not some collective ONE) can’t feel bad as a whole, not as if they would anyway. And, it was interesting to see how badly they treated Scott McCellan: as though his finally telling how he saw it made them look bad, which it did but more importantly, they didn’t like his accusation that they weren’t doing their jobs: how dare he criticize them for being cheer leaders to the run up to Iraq.


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