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January 14, 2010


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Not long ago, I accompanied my teenage grand daughter to a political event. Like her Mom, she is an activist. It is in her genes. Her Mom has always been involved in one cause after another. And, I might add, good ones. This one had to do with getting a poluting power plant closed down. She had read where the city attorney was doubling his efforts to make it happen. She wrote a letter to the editor supporting his efforts and volunteered to get her friends to help. Her letter was so moving, we hope, to the city attorney that he invited her to his swearing in. It was a nice ceremony and a good experience for Lupe (Davis Guatalupe Jacobson).Her Grandpa, however, ever the skeptic had a few observations to make.

Politics by it’s very nature lends itself to promote corruption. The concept is that politics equals public service. Nobody I know in the real world believes that. Ask someone to say something positive about an elected official and more likely than not, it is the “nobody is home” look.

At the ceremony with Lupe, listening and watching the politicians, they were constantly running for something. Much of it is our fault. We elect them to serve us and before we know it, they don’t know us and the media makes them into celebrities.


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