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I’ve been thinking about some of these things for a bit. First of all, Happy Memorial Day. I am always a little sad as it really is not about honouring vets but honouring those who have paid the ultimate price. And, I surely think of us in the 6th year of an unnecessary war, at least from where I am. I heard some Senator, Webb, I think in trying to get this new GI bill passed say something like we must honor this few who are making the sacrifices by insuring that they have an adequate GI bill when they get out. And, then of course, there’s John McCain and the guy from South Carolina, Lindsay Graham, who don’t want such a hot GI bill because that means that soldiers might get out of the military. What sort of thinking is this? Well, it is the sort of thinking that got us into Iraq in the first place.

FINISHING THE SEASON. In the movie, Bull Durham, Kevin Costner, a minor league catcher is released. He comes by to see his love interest who has a voice over once he leaves and says, “he has to finish the season.” I feel this way about Hillary Clinton. When I hear those criticizing her, I think, give me a break: she is just finishing the season.

I have been a supporter all along and am amazed that she is not going to get the nomination. I would vote for an Orangutan if he were a democrat. I made my mistake for “W” first term. But, of all the things I’ve felt bad about this campaign is that Hillary has been treated so badly by the news media. I don’t think anyone who is the least bit objective can deny it; shameful as my Mom would say. The latest “talking heads” foray has been with her remarks about JFK’s assassination as if she meant somebody is going to knock off Barack. Please, these O’Reilleys and Limbaughs need to get a life.

And, another thing: listen up women. This will be the last time in your lifetime when you have a chance to see a woman elected. And, you didn’t “get it.”


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