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December 11, 2010


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This is almost an aside but I’m thinking it: How she could have married such a sorry asshole as John Edwards is beyond me. And, it isn’t that he merely f…ed up, it is that his sorry ass didn’t “step up to the plate.”

We men are a sorry ass lot, let’s face it and we often do our thinking with the wrong “head” but John Edwards seemed to be doubly dumb. He gets a women pregnant while Elizabeth is battling cancer. What the hell! I want to say, has he never heard of condoms. The sorry MFer should have at least gotten a vasectomy but that would imply by that I thought he was just being what we men most often are: weak and his indiscretions could have been covered up. It is the last thing I want to say. Elizabeth’s cancer trumped everything. She was battling for her life and he was out f…ing around. When she started her long road with cancer, he should have put his foot down and said, “politics are behind me” and be like the Sheriff July Johnson in “Lonesome Dove.” July was out chasing after Jake Spoon who shot the dentist who was also the mayor. When his wife went missing, July announced that suddenly he had “different priorities.” And, this isn’t to condone or pass judgment but Elizabeth deserved better.


December 8, 2010

Elizabeth Edwards

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Yes, Elizabeth, all our days are numbered. God bless Elizabeth Edwards on her journey. Just yesterday, an announcement, “treatment is stopping.” I thought then sadly, “a couple of weeks.” Today, she died. I was sad and everybody I talked too was sad. She fought a valiant fight through all the trials and tribulations. A strong, front burner woman. We are less without her.

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