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December 22, 2009

Prosperity Gospel

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CNN is doing a series on religion and it’s influence on American life. In typical CNN fashion or what I have observed, their series is built around sound bites, making sure all positions are covered; and, consequently, from my perspective, it is very inadequate-no Bill Moyers or Charlie Rose, I assure you.

The segment I watched focused on faith, finances, and mega churches. I wouldn’t have been watching it but flipped to CNN reporter Christine Romans interviewing Joel Osteen.

This guy is so amazing to me that I have to smile and shake my head. I will admit upfront that I could be jealous, but I don’t think so. I’m not organized enough to do what he does, even if he has lots of help.

Osteen is an industry. He runs a mega church and his books are bestsellers before they are written. His gospel is called “gospel lite” by those who take him on and he preaches that wealth and power are rewards for good Christians(prosperity gospel) .

The reporter, Romans, threw him a few softballs and he glibly handled them with the answers he obviously has used before. His general line and comments are, “God says.”  He does? According to who?

Pelting his comments in with Biblical text that he says proves his point amazes me and those throngs of disciples listening don’t even question him.

In my opinion, this is stupidity. Why? Because if Osteen’s people would question him they might realize his preaching a prosperity gospel is about as opposite as to what Jesus intended as could possibly be.

Born In a stable, throughout life, not a place to lay his head, Jesus spent his life lifting up the poor and downtrodden with no thought that he deserved to prosper.

The bullshit that guys like Osteen put out offends my sense of right and wrong.  In fairness, do these guys like Osteen or any of the mega  churches do any good?  I’m sure they do and I guess people are better off there than not going. Maybe?

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