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November 30, 2009


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DANCING WITH THOSE WHO BRUNG YOU is a NC staple. I don’t know who the president is dancing with in sending 30,000 more troops but it ain’t those who “brung” him. Those who brung him want us out of two unwinnable and untennable wars. What we cannot accept is that there are no answers and there aren’t short of total peace on earth. And, yet the president is almost taking a page or pages out of the George W. play book. Sending more troops is a bad move. And, what is fascinating to me is that the president and others don’t see what those of us out here in the hinderlands see. Generals always want more troops, they always think in military terms. They are using counter insurgency as an argument. We all believe that it will work in twenty years. Everybody who believes we will stay in Afghanistan twenty years, raise your hands?

Out here in the real world, we understand that Afghanistan is ripe with corruption. Ruled by War Lords, a tribal people, and living in the Middle Ages as relates to women. The list is endless and this doesn’t even include the drug culture. And, we can solve this with more troops? Scare tactics like fight theTaliban at the source and we don’t have to fight them at home. This is an argument from Don Rumfelt and George W. Not our president.

His speech and all the rhetoric since then has not turned us around. And, choosing to make the speech in friendly territory like the military academy definitely began to seem like another verse of the song we’ve heard for eight years. I’m beginning to feel like something attributed to Abe Lincoln: “I am not bound to win but I am bound to be true. I will stand with any man when he is right stand with him while he is right but will depart from him when he goes wrong.” More troops in Afghanistan is a “wrongheaded” move.


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