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October 28, 2009


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THE RECESSION IS OVER. Says who?–not the recent Frontline Show on PBS. I know we’ve all seen how difficult some people’s lives are in these economic conditions. However, this program got in depth with how the economy has effected people’s lives and those who think good times are here didn’t talk to these people. Frontline profiled several and the damage to individuals and families in losing a job. One man had worked for a company for 18 years and they gave him ten minutes to clean out his office and leave. HEARTLESS! After being fired, It became a process that many worked like a job, with little or no results: some sending out 200 resumes a week, no response. Then it showed the people losing their homes. The banks were ruthless. One man had borrowed to make up for being behind 3 payments but when he tried to pay, they said no, “You are almost four behind.” They foreclosed.

God bless those folks.


October 2, 2009


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I’ve always thought Guatanomo was stupid for lots of reasons–a bad idea of bringing prisoners of unknown value to Guantonomo. It has proven to be nothing but trouble. One of those Dick Cheney and Don Runsfelt ideas that we are still living with.

This is a novel idea. Has nobody ever surfaced the idea of treating the prisoners really good. Educate and show them the best of America. I know, I know, opposition would be everywhere. [We have got to get away from this idea that we can’t do things because of opposition.] And, of course, has nobody thought about the psychological toll on the young military police men and women who guard the prisoners.

A suggestion to the President: take s look at these two locations for moving them: Leavenworth in Kansas. I’m sure somebody has suggested this so why not. And, what about taking back Alcatraz. Great idea. The tourists would have to give it up but they could simply ride around it and the tour guides could tell great stories of previous residents, i. e., Al Capone. Problem solved, plus by refurbishing Alcatraz, it could become part of stimulus package. Create jobs.

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