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September 18, 2009

We Are All From Some Place Else

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OPPOSITION MELTS AWAY. There’s a school in San Francisco that takes kids who speak no English and teaches them. In six months, they are speaking English better than most of us. Pretty inspiring. Reminds me of the great American immigration of Vietnamese who had helped us in that sorry war. Most expected big time opposition in bringing all these Vietnamese into the country. Here came the busses and all these kids started getting off the busses and guess what: OPPOSITION MELTED.

For those who spend lots of time with their bowels all upset over immigration policy, I always think: there for the grace of God go Us. We could have been born in Mexico, Pakistan, anywhere; by fate, luck, whatever we were born in America.The only point here is that, “Way to go San Fran for having this much insight. Some of these kids already speak the language well as they’ve learned it off TV. We are giving them “the American Chance.” Not a bad thing. kt


September 15, 2009


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In a recent local editorial, the editor talked about how terrible the death penalty is in California. The gist of the editorial is to advocate that life in prison is better and costs less. Maybe so: I’ve thought about that and concluded that some things are so heinous that nothing short of death is worthwhile. My opinion. Not something like lethal injection but public hanging or a slow death. WHAT IS THAT BAD?

Marcus Wesson killed 9 of his children. He had fathered them with his wife, daughters and nieces. He shot them once in the eye and stacked them up like kindling in the back bedroom. Heinous enough? Unfortunately, he will live on the average of 20 years on death row as platoons of lawyers make a good living for keeping really bad people like this alive through appeal. We need a few editorials urging a reasonable amount of time for these crazies and then it is “bye bye Miss American pie.” Appeals a couple of years max.

September 12, 2009


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Everybody who believes that Joe Wilson was spontaneous in shouting that the President is a liar, please stand up. My belief is that Wilson, an obscure loudmouth politician from South Carolina saw his chance to get some “press” and did it. And, even as we speak, there are enough non thinking types in his district to reelect him or build a statue to him or anything else he wants. They dislike the President that much or opininated as I am, think that Wilson gives a nod to their deep seated prejudices.

Politics by it’s very nature is contencious. I wish we had the British system where they yell and clap and are downright disrespectful to their head of state. We don’t but there’s something about it that is laughable and you get the impression in watching them that they are laughing at themselves.

Slapping Joe Wilson around will only give him more notariety and thats what an egomaniac wants. If the people reelect him, they deserve each other. In the big picture, this is nothing more than a distraction. Joe , in saying he was not apologizing again used that much touted and grossly overused phrase, “the American people.” What “American people” is he talking about? Nobody I know.

Since I am a Southerner and went to school at Furman University, pride of all the South, I get it a little more than most, maybe. My suspicion is that most South Carolilians are embarrassed by Joe Wilson. Southerners are a little or lot schsphenic about who we are and that is saying it mildly. On the one hand, we want the old South; Genteel, respectful, the way it was: what I ‘m hearing over and over, “my America.” Guess what! The old “America” that we’ve thought we’ve known is gone. The landscape has change, voting patterns are less ridgit, white America is quickly becoming a minority.

My old school, Furman, in fact is trying to make sense of of bigotry. They had George W as a graduation speaker, and it brought out the protesters big time to include many faculty members. There were vitriolic letters to the local paper, the school, etc. They appointed a commitee to figure out how to agree to disagree. From what if looks like, they failed.

The Joe Wilsons will always be among us. To them, self interest always overshadows what is right. Our democracy, in my opinion, is changing right before our eyes. Whether we can wrestle it from those like Joe Wilson is a big question. For those Americans who care, we have got to give it all we’ve got. God bless us.

September 8, 2009


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Shawn Stongly of San Francisco is biking 5,968 miles for every soldier killed in Afganistan and Iraq. He is biking up and down at Chrissy Field on the Presidio in San Francisco. Such a great attitude, “It’s a Volunteer Army. They don’t know if they will survive their shift. I don’t know if I could sign up for a job like that.”

To me, it is fascinating that this guy is doing it on the Presidio and for the troops. Chrissy Field is part of the Presidio and when it was an active duty military post, for those who didn’t know, it was considered a plush assignment. Nothing could have been further from the truth. San Francisco, since the sixties, has always been a hotbed for anti-military posturing. During the Vietnam war, this translated into some pretty miserable times for the military. A somewhat anecdotal story made the rounds over and over. It seems this former Lieutenant was crossing the street in Berkeley, headed to class. He had lost his right arm in Nam. This guy asked him what happened. He mentioned Vietnam. The retort: serves you right. Did this happen as well as the many “spitting” incidents. I don’t know but probably or at least close.

And, to be honest, it didn’t change much after Vietnam. The community of San Francisco never appreciated the fact that they had a public park they could romp in. And, in a more idealistic sense, there was a presence of the military. From time to time, the San Francisco community would be reminded of the fact that they housed soldiers in their midst. And, when the Presideo and Letterman Army Medical Center closed, (Letterman was a 250 bed teaching hospital and had become a pioneer facility in treating those who were HIV Positive) this presense “left” the community and San Francisco is the worst for it.

To the National Park Service’s credit, as they inherited the Presidio, they have done a good job but it’s not the military.

All military from the Bay Area has disappeared. So, for someone recognizing the troops on the Presideo, no small thing. I’m sending one of the charities some bucks and checking out the website. ( HooAhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!’

September 6, 2009

The president Talks

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And, we might add, he does it well. What is all the furor of him speaking to school kids. Presidents have always done it. This President, I think, is trying to borrow a page from Bill Cosby: talk to kids who are on the margins, potential dropouts, minority kids with the idea that your hope is education. “I’ve done it, so can you.”

This is a theme that we ought to
“get,” especially those of us who have grown up with parents who would say things like, “Get your education. Stay in school. It can’t be taken away from you.” My Mom and Dad constantly played that theme. Who would not want to hear those words from our president? I will tell you who: bigots and closed minded Fox News types who have a theme of “don’t confuse me with facts, I have my mind made up.” What I hope is that their numbers are fewer than they appear. With 24 hour cable news and various outlets, they shout and listen to their “sisters under the skin” fellow shouters who build on people’s prejudices. I HOPE AND PRAY THEY ARE FEW.

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