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April 17, 2009


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One of my biggest goals in growing older is to avoid the curmudgeon, grumpy old man scene. The very idea that I would grow older and be a complainer, not like anything, spend time talking about the good old days is absolutely an anathama to me. In fact, I have a hard time watching Andy Rooney simply because he comes across as a grump. And, I still hate it that two really great actors ended their careers being seen as grumps: Jack Lemon and Walter Mautau. My opinion.

But, I do have a complaint. And, it is one I’ve been thinking about for days. The way that older people are shown on kids shows on TV. My grand daughter and I were watching this program. I can’t even remember the name. No, this is not a joke. Can’t remember would be exactly what I am complaining about. I didn’t pay any attention to the name of the show is why I can’t remember. What happens when we get old is yes, the memory occasionally hides but usually comes back but that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking image here.

On this program, the story line had to do with these rich kids or one of them being a cruise activity director for a group of old folks. Every stereotype known to man was portrayed. They made jokes about hearing, seeing, using walkers, canes, bumpling around: every single stereotype. A laugh track that was overly active. The old folks couldn’t see, they were cripple, they were unweildy on their walkers. The laugh tract continued to go full blast. The old folks came across as mostly dumb but nothing more than super grumpy. And, the lead old guy was Darin, the Love Boat actor who looked his age? Meaning that he has aged like us all despite our obsession with age and trying to starve it off.

But, for a show to really made fun of the sterotypes is not cool nor helpful to all the kids watching the show. I’m writing this article on my iPhone, what about that. Think shows like this will give us episodes on how active and with it we are? I don’t think so.

Examples that we are anything but these stereotypes are everywhere. So, what am I saying? For one thing, the Disney crowd better wake up and smell the roses. I don’t think Walt would go for this sort of programing.


April 5, 2009


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The North Koreans, like South Korea, is build on the Confucian ethic which is more a philosophy as opposed to a religion. And, although the North has become incredibly repressive, it is still that philosophy. Guessing their motives is simply way beyond what almost anyone can do. Consequently, the only path it appears to me is to make the problem of North Korea, the problem of the South Koreans. Where this is especially critical is in terms of the military Wiithout a doubt, South Korea has the best trained army in the world. The critical move is to move American ground troops out of Korea. We could easily maintain a strong military presence in our Air Force but well away from the DMZ (demilitarzed zone).

What most don’t realize is that in our present configuration with an American Division sitting right on the demilitarzed zone (38th parellell, established after the Korean war), they are literally sitting ducks. If the North Koreans were to swarm across the 38rh paralell, enmassed, with the firepower we know they have, in all probability, the American Division would take mass casualties, drawing us into a major war again.

By bringing home the troops, we save enormous resources, telegraph our intentions and possibly move the North Koreans toward some form of resolutions on the nukes but more importantantly put the issue of peace on the backs of the South Koreans where if ought to be. Essentially, we have been in Korea since 1953, long enough.

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