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January 17, 2009


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There is surely nothing this columnist can say about what is going on in Gaza that hasn’t already been said. And, sadly so. As I’ve debated it with several, mainly my “girlfriends”, these old vets I hang out with. And, their views are all over the map. What I can’t get away from, however, is the idea that Israel had to do something. A government cannot let their people live constantly in fear. Or else, what good is a government. So what should they have done?

Good question. I think that the Israelis should have consulted me just as the Prez should about miliary ideas. Just kidding. The Israeli approach was way too heavy handed. Who of us have not gotten teary eyed seeing the suffering children of Gaza.

And, the Israelis are smarter than this. They know they are dealing with Hamas, a terrorist entity that cares zilch for human life. They a had just as soon sacrifice their own people as blink an eye. And, they always blame the Israelis. Hamas, of course, came to power in Gaza through their astute curring favor with the people through social programs. They went from a terrorist group only to a political entity. And, their propaganda machine continually cranked out hatred of Israel, understandable so.

I always think of Jazara, a classmate in college. She hated the Jews and her normally sweet spirit would transform as she told how her family had lived on the same land since Biblical times and suddenly were displaced by the Jews. Her family lost everything. Tellitng her that it was not the Jews but the UN that did it. And, trying to give her my Dad’s view: anybody who messes with the Jews is going to get zapped eventually fell on deaf ears. Talk about the “nobody is home” look.

So what would I do in this impossible situation. Well, I would use all the diplomatic stops I had, which would include doing something to help the image of Israel. It is going to take time but the major thing is that I would consider is that this is a conflict that us going to last forever. It is and so accept it and involve your covert military operations to interdict the tunnels and supplies into Gaza. Consider that it is training, just the way it is.

The biggest mistake thus far is that Israel has sought a military solution. It can’t be done. Consequently, pull back and begin another approach. Is this better. It is surely better than what Israel is presently doiing. America would do well to take the same tack in Afganistan. AMEN, preach on brother.


January 16, 2009


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I’m in the prosess of trying to get the money for a short documentary on running the hills of San Francisco. Running is a great way to learn the City and there’s a philosophy to it. For me, it is a matter of staying in shape.

Exercise is crucial as we grow older I’m convinced and, everything I read confirms it. My tack is to run or exercise not as a chore but something you want to do anyway which is part of your routine. I choose to simply run when I have to do something. Need to do errands, run to them; go to the movies, run to it; hang out at a coffee shop, run to it. In a days time, you might actually run several times, at least two or three.

And, in San Francisco, hills have to be part of the program or challenge. And, trust me on this: a good thing. The idea with running is to get your heart rate up and “running the hills” is a perfect way to do it. And, there’s a way to run up hills. Pay attention here. You have to shorten your stride and based on the steepness of the hill, the shorter the stride. What you must avoid is pulling, straining, unless that is your goal. For younger types, the strain of running up hills could be simply part of the challenge; but for us older types, especially joggers as opposed to runners, shorten the stride until it seems almost like running on level surface and the shorten stride causes you naturally to run standing straighter. Here’s something I do: look down, watch the pavement for safety reasons but also don’t punish yourself by simply wanting to get to the top. What happens is your anticipatipn causes lapses in concentrating on ypur shorten stride and you start pulling Give it a shot and watch for the video on YouTube.


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Comparing the President’s farewell speech to the “coming of age” teenager in Towelhead may seem odd but it really isn’t. I personally have no doubt that George W.’s Presidency will be defined by his very weak decision in regime change in Iraq. His Presidency could easily have gone another way but his personality and for lack of a better term and in charity, his management style in my opinion drove him; directed by what a book called “Chaney , the shadow president” In other words, his vice president and cronies convinced him of a course and once embarked on it, would not back up. Presidents or any politician for that matter rarely admit
Mistakes. You could make that as never.

How is this related to the movie “Towelhead.” Hang on! In the movie a thirteen year old, living with her erratic and narcissistic Mother moves to Houston to live with her Lebonese father who works for NASA. Although the movie deals with sex more than it needs too, the ambiguities and downright subtleties of having feet planted in an American culture and a Mideastern one rocks the senses over and over. Not to mention stupidity of American men who think with the wrong “head.”

The movie points out the almost impossible task of melting the two cultures. And, it does it in ways that we understand: simple terms of religion, sex, patrotism. As an example of what I’m talking about, in his speech which was to be a farewell one the other night, the President tried to defend his decisions and once again relied on what he views as true measures of what he has done: fight terrorism. However, I doubt that history will ever give him a pass. The idea that preventing terrorism by invading another country and attempting to impose democracy is simply a fairy tale and the fact that a President might believe it doesn’t make it so. I have to wonder if the Prez and VP didn’t sit down and say, “OK, what is the best thing to dwell on in my last speech. What is irrefutable? I got it, terrorism–our actions have prevented another 9-11. Who can dispute it.”

In the movie “Towelhead” (an awful title by the way. A form of bully teasing which was insulting and cruel based on culture), the lies, denial all worked for awhile but then like any house of cards, eventually came tumbling down. See the movie and see if you think I’m on to something or not. 2 parachutes.

January 11, 2009


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The complex financial picture is way beyond me or the average citizen for that matter. Well, I really don’t know anybody, supposedly the best and the brightest who understand it.

In some ways, it defies logic. Here’s what we know: we have already given billions to bankers who basically caused the problem in the first place. And, the man who forked over the first several billion to his buds without requiring any accountability didn’t once mention conflict of interest. It is a little like the lawyers on opposing sides being the beat of friends. I THINK SO. Suspicious? When the Sec of Trea calls up his buddies, calls them by their first names–make any difference? I THINK SO.

At the heart of our financial morass has been good old greed. Who can deny that? What nobody seems to be willing to admit is that man left to his own devices will choose self interrest above all else. I THINK SO. If greed is the basic nature of man that no one talks about, why do we keep avoiding it? In spiritual terms, which are as good as any, it is called the “depravity of man.” I THINK SO.

Answers? I don’t know any better than those who are making the decisions. But, absent of knowing, I think we are doing the best we can by at least doing something. I THINK SO.

If there has ever been a good example of the depravity of man, Bernie Madoff who is in his seventies and bilked mostly his friends out of billions, is a premo example. The laundry list of his transgressions are too much to even discuss. Another crook, in terms of “brass,” is Richard Piccoli, 82, who got over 4 million from duped smart people in a 2 year period. I am amazed on many lelvels as these two guys should have been out playing with their grandkids. I THINK SO.

January 2, 2009

Slumdog Millionairs

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Slumdog Millinaires is a rivoting movie. But, it ain’t as my buddy says, “a feelgood” movie. The only feel good part of the movie was what movies can do, if they desire, “they can mAke anything happen that they want to happen. On this case, it was feelgood.

The movie was a really good movie on mabybwaus. The techniques of the film in flashbacks was very good I thought. The flashbacks peeled away the mystery of how a kid from the slums could know rhevanaeerrs in the TV program, who Wants TO Be A Mullionsore. The sad fact kept running through my head as you sat there was there are really kids who live like in these sqalid conditions.

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