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December 30, 2008

Stipid List

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At the beginning of the year, there are always these lists, “the best or worst of this or that.” There should be a “stupid” one and I’m sure there is. I can surely think of several to make it, myself included: the governor of Illinois tops the list but, in my view, he’s just a politician and his stupidity is confined to that field which deserves their own category of “stupid.” However, one with serious implications for citizens and one that is “stupid” for reasons that elude common sense is this one: the Supreme court negated the California Good Samaritan law. The law is one where if in the act of helping in a crisis, i. e., accident, etc , the Good Samaritan is not held liable. Makes sense.

Well, not to the majority of the CA Supreme Court. The basic facts: a motorist’s car crashed. A fellow traveler stopped, dragged the injured motorist from the car fearing the car was about to explode. You guessed it, the injured motorist sued (naturally a Californian who will sue over anything) saying that she was further injured because of the action of the Good Samaritan. I may not have all the facts completely straight but for illustrative purposes they are. After this judicial stupidity, how many Good Samaritans will be helping out? Unlike these judges, most of us are not that stupid.


December 15, 2008


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SPECIAL PLACES. On NPR (National Public Radio)recently, this guest talked about an article he had written about special places that people meet to connect. The idea is that in the fragmented world in which we live, to be able to find a place to hang out is no small thing.

Greg Rodriguez wrote the piece in the LA Times about just hanging out and doing nothing. I smiled. I was into the concept a long time ago. There’s an art to hanging out. First of all, you have to experiment on the place to do it. I don’t like bars because I can’t drink. Meaning that two beers cloud my head. And, I’m always skeptical of the patrons. Not one of judgement, please! Just that the few I’ve tried, I see the same guys in there. But, it is mainly preference.

I love coffee shops, especially if you can get the right flavor (no pun intended), a match, in other words. And, you have to search for the one that fits you. And, I don’t think it is going to be Peets and surely not Starbucks. My thoughts on these places is that people who hang out in these places know and love coffee. Those are places that labor under the belief that you are there to drink coffee. To me, drinking the beverage is an aside. I’m looking for the people and the ambiance.

The article in, The Times, r points out the fact that France use to have 200,000 coffee shops, imagine places to sit out and talk, converse, argue, practice your listening skills and now they are down to 40,000 or so. Help! Our example of how to hang out has hit the road or close. Dang.

The article goes on to talk about what has happened to us in terms of hanging out. We are too purpose driven and he uses the word, Calvinistic. I think he’s right. Most of those Americans who are purpose driven, not to say that us hanger outs, aren’t but Rodriguez idea is that we are losing this “hanging out” for the sake of hanging out. On the Myers Briggs Personality Instrument which I believe in: the non “hangerouts” are simply a bunch of SJs, meaning 2 always follows one and B always follows A.

Without a full course in the Myers Briggs (see link), I think it says something to us. With all the talk of financial downturns, I think that now may be time to cogitate our navels a little more than we are use too. Think about hanging out, staring into space, getting to know some fellow travelers a bit more. I ‘ve convinced myself, I’m out of here to my favorite coffee shop on Geary in San Fran. Hope to see you there.


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Even shoes can’t get him. What has amazed me about “W” all these years is his apparent resilence. Even with the shoe incident, he dodged it. if you have been on another planet and didn’t hear about it, an Iraqi jpurnalist, during a “W” press conference on his last visit to Iraq, threw his shows at the President. “W” dodged the shoes easily. This could be a medapher for his Presidency.

In a way, I feel a little like the “Nun” in The Sound of Music. It was the first scene where Maria is “late” again in returning to the Abbey. Maria is so Maria, she’s late, she messes over her Nun’s habit. Finally, one Nun says to the Mother Superior, I would like to say “a word in her behalf.”

In our “Brothers” memoir, there’s an illustration of where two of my brothers go to the funeral of a “Ne the well” acquaintance and the preacher is so hard on the deceased that my brother is tempted to jump her and say “a word on his behalf.” Well, I will say this in the “W” man’s behalf: here in the waning days of his presidency when he is going out of town almost “on a rail,” he has been gracious to the incoming crowd. I was appalled at how juvenile some of the Clinton staffers were: destroying property, trashing their offices, and in general as we say in NC, “showing out.”

To see what the Bush legacy will be is going to be interesting. A president in this columnist humble opinion rarely lives up to his promises or potential. Governing is too uncertain and the world stage too daunting. Our new president has quite the task before him. And, already, he appears to be sounding more like the President and backing up on some things. Maybe the broader picture is so vastly different than what is said during a campaign.

I think of Vietnam. Nixon made a campaign promise to get us out of Nam. He reneged and thousands more Americans died. And, when it was all said and done, the Vietnam ending was as inglorious as it probably would have been years earlier anyway with roughly 16,000 young American lives sacrificed as opposed to the 58,000 plus who eventually died.

We shall see. For now, for “W,” we wish him well and as another good southern expression goes, “don’t let the door hit you in the rear!”


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The Blue Zone is another in the book genre of healthy living. This is my category, more or less. The Denial of Aging, etc are all more or less related to the same topic. A topic which all of us need to give some serious thought too. The Blue Zones are places on the globe where there is a discernable group who have aged to a point that they are centurians. And, their life styles are measurable. In other words, they have lived a certIn way that has brought them to this point; exercise, what they eat and drink, their interaction with their fellow human beings. This is a fairly symplistic view and reading the book is an absolute must to get the gist of it.

The author has developed the book into a somewhat scientific journal with the collaboration of other scientists so to speak. Consequently, on the science of logevity, The Blue Zone needs to be taken seriously. I’ve read and now rereading.

I must confess that I recently had the opportunity to spend time with several older types, no cepthriancs in the bunch but several 90 plus types that I have no doubt will make it to that age. The question with them is not The Blue Zone type issues of your life style but how did you make it this far and do you want to go any further. These are philosophical questions but those that fit our society at large much more than questions of the Green Zone. Most of these have had multiple operations, maladies galore, suffering the acceptable aspect of old age bigtime. Several had canes or walkers, about half still were driving. Most were still living independently with several in some type of home as opposed to house or apartment. Several had hearing problems and were noticibly having trouble getting around. I had a good bit of trouble engaging them on meanigful conversation about what brought them to this point on their lives. Why? I don’t know.

December 14, 2008

JOYEUX NOEL (Merry Christmas)

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This foreign film is a gem. Inspired by a tre story, It takes place in WW 1. With the French and Scottish Forces facing the Germass across the trenches. On Christmas Eve, the opposing sides declare a truce. It is a moving, heart warming story which is not sappy. About half way through the movie, my wife said, “this movie makes you realize how stupid war is. OH HOW TRUE.

Some really nice touches to the story: two opera singer/lovers caught in war-a world class tenor and and his soprano equal; bagpipes; philosophical views amidst real humanity. My favorite character who was the Anglican Priest who recognizes through war how hypocritical his church hierachy is. See this movie. 3 parachutes.

December 11, 2008


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What we jokingly say about San Fran is that every crazy in the world has showed up here at one time or the other. And, more than likely they are on he bus at some time or the other. Most of the time, it is a circus. Once across from me was a toothless guy carrying a boogieboard. No snow or possibility of of so why does he have the board, where did he get it. Looks new. He’s goi g to use it as an ironing board. OK. What is equally funny is that his bud is explaining to a lady from Maylasia what a boogie board is and how it will make a great ironing board. It is laugh out loud funny.

Occasionally, some things take on the not so hot thing like living in a big city. I got on a bus once and crowded to the max with one seat vacant. Should have wondered why. I took the seat, the guy smelled to high heaven and he was discussing world problems

December 6, 2008


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The Last Time I Saw My Father is one of those relational movies that seem to be more common than not. Although
British, decidedly American in outlook, meaning lots of “navel” gazing. We are the best at attempting to figure how how we got to be who we are.

Are we hopelessly screwed up because of Dad or Mom or whatever. I use to love to quote author Tom Harris from his book, “I’m OK, You’re OK” from the seventies. This is an aside but I’ve always wondered how the theory of Transactionsl Analysis, fell out of favor with psychological theorists or did it? Regardless, I haven’t heard it mentioned in years. Harris said something like: “It is pretty sad if I think I am what I am today at 40 because my Mom hit my Dad with my potty chair on Christmas eve, in Cincinnati.”

This movie is a little like that. I kept wanted to say to Colin Firth, get over it. Jim Broadbent did a good job of portraying the less than insightful father with an outsized ego. Firth played the “hang dog” looking son even as a teenager.

What I did like about the movie was the fact that it dealt with reality about as well as movies do. Americans would have probably tried to tie it all up in a neat bow. With the way the Brits handled it, gave us more of a chance to coginate our navel. 2 parachutes

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