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June 4, 2008


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Even though she lost the nomination, the media cannot cease bashing her. I am fascinating in how vitriolic some are toward her. I have been a supporter all along and am amazed that she is not going to get the nomination. I would vote for almost anybody if he were a democrat. I made my mistake for “W” first term. But, of all the things I’ve felt bad about this campaign is that Hillary has been treated so badly by the news media. I don’t think anyone who is the least bit objective can deny it; shameful as my Mom would say. There has been almost no subject that she has not taken abuse on: the  “talking heads” foray of her remarks about JFK’s assassination as if she meant somebody is going to knock off Barack. Please, these O’Reilleys and Limbaughs need to get a life. But, it really is not only them, amazing that the people especially where’s she has won, have risen above it and voted for her.

In some ways, it is simply politics as I see it but then again, it isn’t. To be honest, always in the past, I have not been so overwhelmed about the presidency, thinking having a majority in congress counter-balances but “W” has made me think differently: a president can take you to war and that makes all the difference in the world. And, this president has done that and now we are in a debacle from which we cannot extract ourselves.

Congratulations to Hillary for finishing the season.


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