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May 21, 2008


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Just saw this on netflix and liked it. I knew that it was the Sean Penn directed one. I should be ticked at him as I never heard from him when I sent him a Gun Totin Chaplain book and suggested we hang out. Can you believe it?

I had heard about the movie, maybe docudrama, whatever that is. But, I will have to admit, I thought it was good. And, it is apparent to me that the writers of the book from whence came the movie wrote a story. Writing a story is not always the facts. But, I think there is surely elements of it here. My daughter says the guy in the story is a flaming nut. So much for objectivity but she had read about him. And, to tell a little of the basic story without giving it a way: a kid finishes College and just disappears into the wilds to experience it and drop out. My daughter says the stuff she has read has to do with his intentions of basically committing suicide. The movie didn’t exactly portray this. In the movie, a somewhat misguided and adventuresome and above all, “likeable” kid simply takes off to have experiences.

What we come to realize quickly, however, is that there’s more to it than finding experiences. The age old wrestling with family drama is at center stage. And, the realization from the viewer’s point  that parents can and do inflict unbelievable havoc upon their children. William Hurt, one of my favorite actors who has to be about the most versitle actor around played the father; early on, dishonest even in very way and then an ego as big as all outdoors. A mousy Mom who won’t stand up; much emotional abuse and some physical.

What is fascinating to me about the parental stuff is apparently, at least qccording to the credits, the parents cooperated. I was pretty surprised but also, the daughter who is part of the drama and even says the parents moderated. And, they did so mostly through the grief of losing a son.

I thought at the end, what a waste. And, what do we do when or if our kids go off the deep end. Well, in my view, we don’t sit back for sure. I would see this movie, always touches me when I realize how all of us as parents could have done a better job and that in way or another, we can’t miss those opportunites that invariably happen with our kids. I beleive there’s a small window when we have to make sure we don’t lose them. Amen.

A non movie thing. Rachael and Lilly and I checked out the Hard Knox cafe, supposely good country food. They need a southern type taste tester. Really kind of funny. The owners are Vietnamese and Mexican. Got to love it. I had collard greens, catfish, and candy yams. These were southern type things but about as close to the taste as some yankee thinking he knows grits. So…


May 20, 2008

Bay To Breakers

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The 60 plus thousand crowdThis is one weird tradition that takes place every year in May. I’ve run it for about six or seven years. And, always use it more or less as a day’s PT (physical training) with the crazies. And, every year something is a little different. Officially I heard there were about 65,000, down from the first time I ran it when there were about a hundred thousand. There’s all kinds, costumes, nudes, whatever and it is one giant 7.2 fun race. This year I heard the aftermath was a little too much booze and revelry; the police and street department were griping big time about all the trash. For those like myself, it is lots of fun. What always fascinates me are the nudes. Most of them are fat old men who should be staying home. But, I will have to say this too that nobody pays them any attention.

And, then also there are those who kind of cheer the runners on; it is a giant moving funny costumed parade. I don’t think I’m going to do it anymore. Why? I don’t know, ADD (attention deficit disorder) but by next year who knows.

Everytime I run, I am always mazed at the same thing: these fundamentalists folks with the very elaborate sings of Jesus Saves, etc. I always wonder what their motive is and what they think they can accomplish. Maybe they are from some sect that requires them to profess “the truth” in this manner. I simply don’t know. And, if one is a Christian, then who could object to what the signs say? Not I but simply the crazy venue where it is. What do they expect to accomplish? Here they are at the Bay to Breakers, a gigantic expression of living art, with every profane, based on one’s view, that is known to mankind. The participants in the race are hedonistic, massichistic (who would torture themselves by running seven miles in the best of circumstances. So, do the fundamentalists think they can reach these people for the gospel. How diluted without criticizing is this sort of thinking. I think they are merely tolerated. I venture to say that in our secular world, of which the Bay to Breakers, is a good example, they hurt the cause more than they help. They come across as judgemental, mental themselves, and the opposite end of kookie. So, there you have it.

May 17, 2008

A Long Week

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I’ve decided to write mainly when I feel like it. Someone said that as we get older, the time passes faster. I surely think so. I guess the interesting thing, among much this week, is taking Rose for her cancer treatment on Thursday. I always wrestle with the issues. Rose has been fighting ten years; in fact, last month, it was 10 years. Rose is the hero to the Infusion Center. Sometimes when I tell people about Rose, they kind of just look at me. Occasionally someone asks me about her quality of life. Well, it hasn’t been much although she did have a year or two as I understand it of something akin to remission. I asked my daughter about the medical establishment and those like Rose. She said that when someone is as young as Rose, 40, the doctors will do whatever the patient wants to do and as long as they want to fight, they will do it, regardless of what they might think themselves or what the prognosis might be.

And, on another subject, I did get a hundred bucks out of Andy to donate to this other cancer patient who has incurable cancer and is going for a special protocol down South, Santa Monica. Andy is one of my buddies who has more money than god but gambles lots and I keep telling him that I’m trying to do some good with his bucks. He claims he’s an atheist but what the hay. Andy, himself, 75, has been diagnosed with nonhoskins lymphoma. He’s had about three treatments and is headed to Greece next Sept. so he must be doing good. Andy is quite the character. He was about a 12 year old boy in Greece when the Nazis came into his little village and lined all the men up in the village square and shot them, making the others watch. He wrote a book, called, just another man. He says it is fictiion but there is a strong belief that  the book mirrors his early life that the Captain who ordered the executions is hunted down in the book and killed. Fiction? I don’t know.

I’m pretty involved with my Grandkids; three, soon to be 4 and never want to be one of these grandparents where we have to think, “get a life.” Try to do interesting things, last night, Lupe, (Guadalupe) and I went to the movies. Rambow. Cute movie and sweet. Lots of stuff that was implausible and yet some ethereal stuff too, i. e., one of the little kids, cute, family belonged to a fanatical religious cult. The other, absentee parents with kids living in a care facility, with a bunch of zany characters. Good discussion afterwards with Lupe.

May 14, 2008

Tues, May 13

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This diary stuff is not easy mainly because you have to come to the end of the day to write; and, by that time, I am out of it. The day started with Rose canceling her chemo appointment. This is so sad. I was pretty bummed out and went for a run through town, all the way to the way to the Civil Center to pick up my Bay To Breakers packet. They aren’t open until Friday. Great. Then I ran back to Geary and caught the bus home. I hung out for a while, then went to the coffee shop. Read part of Time Magazine which names the top 100 influencers in America. I didn’t see my name in there. Then I went to Ireland 32, had a beer and a shepard’s pie, was great. Read the paper on suicides in the military, about 18 a month, really amazing. I came back home, signed some books, visited with Rachael. She went for Frances at school. Lilly got up and we went to the Park. She is something else.

NOt sure this is going to work as I don’t see the use in it. I need to think this over.

May 13, 2008

Let the day end

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Busy day but good. My best buddy from Army days who lives in Alaska spent the day with me. I picked him up downtown as he’d come over on the BART. We went to see the “girlfriends.” A group of guys I hang out with that my wife calls my girlfriends. Lots of fun, several of htem knew Wayne; hit the familiar tops. About a dozen of us there: Andy, who has a chemo treatment today: he has non lhoskins lymphoma. He’d doing good. I told them about my friend Alisha who has cancer and is going for a special protocol fighting her incurabke cancer which is soft tissue sarcoma. It is incurable and I met her when I first took Rose to the UCSF infusion center. She’s only 27. Andy gave me a hundred to give her for her trip to Santa Monica.

Wayne and I went to see SOP this afternoon, amazing. It is about Abu Grabt prison if the infamous photos. In some ways, it didn’t tell us anything we had not already heard. What it really boils down too is a bunch of kids who get into a kind of Cult existence, led by this 37 year old guy. The Army, however, is where the real fault lies, they are the ones who should be indicted. The chain of command totally broke down, leaving these kids on their own. And, to make it worse, they are National Guard troops, some of the first to arrive in the country, almost no training. And, then they are thrown into this crazy situation and it is the toll of war in more ways than on. Damn. There are so many at fault who got away with not even a slap on the hand: Generals, commanders, NCOs, (non commissioned officers.

Forgot, Wayne and I had our traditional Korean mill. A good day. Finished it up by watching the movie, Eye of the Needle.

May 12, 2008


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This is my first posting. What I want to do is use this as a diary. I do some interesting things during the day and I love to share them or am positively addicted to blogging. What better way than to do it like a diary. I’m really going to try and do it everyday. And, I don’t want to be boring.

TODAY. Mother’s Day, really a good day. I was really pleased to see our webmaster put a tribute to my own mother on the airbornepress website. I still miss her. She died in 1973. In fact, my brother and I are working on a family memoir. In many ways, a tribute to my very feisty mom. My wife went to Church and then we prepared for this great onslaught of our kids and families. It was a fun time with the exception that Lupe, our oldest grandchild was sick. Made a family decision to find an alternate place for Thanksgiving.

I don’t want this to be boring. I guess I’d have to say that the best thing I did today was an article for another blog, Breakfast with my girlfriends. The title of the article was, If The Iraqi War Was A Sitcom, It Would Be Cancelled. Also, thinking about how to help this cancer victim who is about to go to treatment in a special protocol at Santa Monica. My concern is that she is trying to save her life and should not have to be concerned with logistics. I’ve enlisted a couple of guys to help me brainstorm it.

Last thing. I heard some asshole talk show loud mouth this morning being absolutely nasty about Hillary. Although I think she would have made the best Pres., it ain’t going to happen. And, Hillary is like Kevin Costner in Bull Durham, she is just trying to finish the season. So, MF, lighten up.

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